MS2 Conversion

We offer a cost effective solution to worn splines on the MS2 gearbox input shaft.

The problem can occur in either shaft or sail-drive options and applies to all Volvo MS2 gearboxes fitted to 2000 series engines, prior to engine number 2300059128.

Inspection of these shafts is very simple.  The box is bolted to the engine with six 15mm bolts.  The bolts should be removed and the box dropped back 5” to 6”, (if this is not easily done, the gearbox should be completely removed).  If the teeth of the splines on the input shaft are worn, (fig 1), the shaft will require the conversion.

The oil must be drained from the gearbox, or the box tilted back, prior to removal of the input shaft.  The shaft is secured to the box by 10mm bolts as shown.  Remove the input shaft assembly from the box, retaining the shim in position between the assembly and the box.

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